Mountain Rescue

As it states all over this web site’s disclaimer, “Rock climbing, bouldering and any other climbing activities are inherently dangerous and potentially deadly”.

Occasionally accidents do happen and there is a chance (however slim) that you may find yourself in serious trouble in a very remote area.  Help is at hand though in the form of Mountain Rescue.  In the UK, this service is provided by volunteers who rely heavily on donations given by the public.  Here at Climbing Explained believe it should be government funded like the rest of the emergency services, but hey, let’s not open that can of worms here. 

If you play outdoors, there is a chance you may require the services of these good people.  Therefore please take a look at the official Mountain Rescue web site, which contains useful advice, information and how to donate.  Thanks.

(A little nod to our local Mountain Rescue team).

Mountain Rescue England & Wales –

Mountain Rescue Scotland –