Chalk Bag

A chalk bag is used to contain climbing chalk.  There are many different versions available on the market today, however they all follow the same principle.  They’re usually a hand sized pouch which is attached to the climber and can be used to apply chalk whenever, wherever they are.   The chalk bag usually has a fleece lining which traps chalk dust and a draw string closure to stop the chalk from coming out during transit.  They’re available in different sizes, colours and designs, so take a look around at the shops and websites to find one that suits you.

A regular chalk bag.  Choosing which colour or pattern can be the hardest thing!

Chalk bags are often fastened around the waist on a thin belt or can be attached to a belt loop with a small karabiner.  Chalk buckets are also available for bouldering.  These are large communal chalk bags allowing a number of people to share the same chalk.  As most boulder problems are short, the re-application of chalk is not usually required and therefore boulderers often leave their chalk bags on the ground.

A large communal chalk bucket, ideal for bouldering.