Crash Pad

A bouldering mat, or crash pad as they’re often known, is a padded mat that is placed below a climber bouldering or over a particularly nasty landing area. It’s role is to protect a boulderer, should a fall occur. Bouldering mats usually consist of two layers of foam (a thin firm layer and a thicker soft layer) inside a thick zippable cover. The mats come in a range of sizes, and usually fold in half, held tight by buckles. On one side of the mat is either a single strap or a couple of rucksack type straps, which allow the boulderer to carry the mat easily. Rock shoes, chalk, guidebooks and other items can be carried in the middle of the mat and some designs have a small flap which help to prevent anything from falling out of the bottom.

A Moon Warrior bouldering mat opened.

There are many mats available in the market today and size will probably be your first consideration, especially if you plan to travel via public transport with your mat or if you have a small car boot. On the flip side, a large mat means a large surface area to fall onto, therefore look at your requirements and choose wisely.

The Moon Warrior bouldering mat in a closed position.